AmpedUpReviews: “Off The Wall” by Michael Jackson


Introduction/History: Although Michael Jackson had plenty of success both among fans and critics with the Jackson 5, it wasn’t until “Off The Wall” that Michael truly came into his own as a solo artist.  Spawning such hits as “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” and “Rock With You“, “Off The Wall” serves as one of the last glorious gasps of late 70s disco and dance music, and is still considered to this day as a staple of those era’s genres.

Positive Stuff:

Most of the songs are about falling in love and getting on the floor and dancing (the latter of which could encourage exercise)

Negative Stuff:

One use of “d**n” on “She’s Out Of My Life“.  “It’s The Falling In Love” has one suggestive lyric “Don’t wanna lay down in a bed full of lies/And yet my heart is sayin’, ‘Come and do me!’“.


Michael Jackson truly was the king of pop, and this album was his coronation (if you will).  The energy and hooks on this thing are unceasing, and Michael’s vocals throughout the record serve as an incredibly smooth frosting on the infectiously funky and electrify disco cake that is MJ’s first “true” album.  With minimal filler, and minimal objectionable content, this album is an absolute blast from front to back.  Not quite as good as “Thriller” in my opinion, but still an incredibly fun listen that is an essential listen for any fan of Michael Jackson or late 70s pop and disco in general.

Rating: 4.5/5

Age Appropriateness: 11 Years Old

PG: some sensuality

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